Over 250 teams entered the Network Forensics Puzzle Contest at DEFCON 21. Congratulations to this year’s Winning Team: “Red Team”! We hope you enjoyed competing, and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

Top Three Finalists at DEFCON 21:

1. Red Team
2. Tom Pohl

The contest decryption keys, answers, and a walk-through of the solutions will be posted the week of 9/22/13. Thank you for playing!

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We received several requests from DEFCON attendees asking us to post the decryption keys and answers for the DEFCON 2012 contest. The decryption keys and answers are posted below. We will post the list of winners, and a walk-through of the solutions soon. Thank you for playing!

Decryption Keys
Contest Container: W3lc0m3toNFPC2012@defcon
Round2: Aw3s0m3s4uc3@
Round3: DFC=w00t!
Round4: 4r3g3ttingh4rd
Round5: tHiswi11b3fun#
Round6: Th3R4c3is0n$


Answers to DEFCON 2012 Contest Questions

Round 1 Answer: 99901

Round 2 Answer: Golden Alley

Round 3 Answer: ICdarkwater

Round 4 Answer: 15684-b5.12

Round 5 Answer: 2300

Round 6 Answer: Dogfort

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