Network Forensics Puzzle Contest #8 posed a serious challenge, requiring contestants to demonstrate an advanced knowledge of protocols and meticulous attention to detail. Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry for Puzzle #8, and a special congratulations to the relatively small number of folks who submitted correct answers.

The winner of this contest is…Stefan S. Op de Beek ! Stefan wins a Buffalo Wireless Router for his correct answers and UTScapy test script. While the script didn’t work perfectly on my system, it is a great example of leveraging existing frameworks to analyze packet captures. Contestants, answers, and solutions below.

Joerg Gerschuetz
Winter Faulk
Aaron Wamapch
Kazunori Kojima
Adam Jenkins
Steeve Barbeau
Tyler Dean
Ward Perry
J-Michael Roberts
Stefan S. of de Beek

1) Joe’s WAP is beaconing. Based on the contents of the packet capture, what are the SSID and BSSID of his access point?
SSID: Ment0rNet
BSSID: 00:23:69:61:00:d0

2) How long is the packet capture, from beginning to end (in SECONDS – please round to the nearest full second)?
A: 414s

3) How many WEP-encrypted data frames are there total in the packet capture?
$ tshark -r evidence08.pcap -R ‘((wlan.fc.type_subtype == 0x20) && (wlan.fc.protected == 1)) && (wlan.bssid == 00:23:69:61:00:d0)’|wc -l
A: 59274

4) How many *unique* WEP initialization vectors (IVs) are there TOTAL in the packet capture relating to Joe’s access point?
$ tshark -r evidence08.pcap -R ‘(wlan.bssid == 00:23:69:61:00:d0) && wlan.wep.iv’ -T fields -e wlan.wep.iv | sort -u | wc -l
A: 29719

5) What was the MAC address of the station executing the Layer 2 attacks?
A: 1c:4b:d6:69:cd:07

6) How many *unique* IVs were generated (relating to Joe’s access point):
a) By the attacker station?

$ tshark -r evidence08.pcap -R ‘(wlan.bssid == 00:23:69:61:00:d0) && ( == 1c:4b:d6:69:cd:07) && wlan.wep.iv’ -T fields -e wlan.wep.iv|sort -u|wc -l
A: 14133 (14132 also accepted)

b) By all *other* stations combined?
$ tshark -r evidence08.pcap -R ‘(wlan.bssid == 00:23:69:61:00:d0) && ( != 1c:4b:d6:69:cd:07) && wlan.wep.iv’ -T fields -e wlan.wep.iv|sort -u|wc -l
B : 15587

7) What was the WEP key of Joe’s WAP?
$ aircrack-ng -b 00:23:69:61:00:d0 evidence08.pcap
A: D0:E5:9E:B9:04

8.) What were the administrative username and password of the targeted wireless access point?
username: admin
passphrase: admin

9) What was the WAP administrative passphrase changed to?
passphrase: hahp0wnedJ00

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