Just wanted to send a hint out for those of you who are out to win Ann’s AppleTV.

We’ve received lots of submissions with the correct answer, but to win the AppleTV, you’ll need to go a step beyond manual extraction with Wireshark or Network Miner. Imagine if you had a huge packet capture containing LOTS of AppleTV traffic. There’s no way you could extract that manually!

Can you build a tool that will automatically list each of the movies that a user previewed? Or all of the terms that Ann searched for? Carve out files transferred and their MD5sums? Even perhaps reconstruct what Ann saw on the AppleTV based on the traffic content?

To win the AppleTV, you’ll need to be creative and take things to a level beyond just manual extraction. (By the way, we suspect that the underlying traffic for the AppleTV is the same format as iTunes traffic.)

Submissions are due by the end of 2/1/10 (next Monday night). Good luck!!

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