More Contests!

Hello! Apologies for the lack of communications as of late, however new contests are coming soon. Expect regular contests and updates in the coming months, with the first contest of 2011 being posted some time next week.


2/9/2011 EDIT – Egads! It appears I spoke too soon. The next puzzle pcap’s are all done but a few things need to be done before the contest begins. Soon friends… -Eric

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  1. Great! Looking forward to a new challenge!

  2. I can hardly wait!

  3. i’m lookin forward to getting in on these contests (fairly new to forensics, but i’m havin a lot of fun with it!). any word on when the next one will be posted?

  4. Looking forward to the new challenge! Any idea when it’ll be ready?

  5. Well time flies when you’re having fun! A new contest has been posted, enjoy!

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