Defcon 2010

For all those attending DEFCON 2010, we’ll be hosting a puzzle contest starting Friday afternoon in the contest area. It’s a race against time; the first person to complete the puzzle wins a brand-new iPad. We’ll be posting the packet capture here after the contest for those of you who like the intellectual challenge. Contest description below… See you there!

Ann Dercover is on the run, and you’re hot on her trail as she travels around the globe hacking companies, stealing intellectual property, launching 0-day attacks and setting up sneaky backdoors. *You are the forensic investigator.* You’ve got a packet capture of Ann’s network traffic. Can you analyze Ann’s malicious traffic and solve the crime by Sunday? Prize: Win a brand-spanking new Apple iPad!



  1. When will the packet capture be posted here for those of us interested in the intellectual challenge :)?

  2. I had the pleasure of meeting Sherri, Jonathan, and Eric at DEFCON this year (highlight of the trip!) and there was talk then of putting the challenge on the web. I think it would be fun to post the pcap file for people to take a look at even if we don’t get to compete for prizes. How about it guys?

  3. Lou,
    Wow time flies. Yes! We are hoping to get all of the DefCon related materials we have on the web in the next few weeks. Stay Tuned. -Eric

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