Want to tear apart Android cell phone dumps and Blackhole Exploit Kit 2 infection traffic? LMG has been hard at work gearing up for Black Hat and DEFCON. We’ve developed brand new puzzles for you to play with, a shiny new Network Forensics virtual workstation, and lots more. Here’s a quick preview:
Black Hat logo

  • Register for “Network Forensics: Black Hat Release” (4-Day course). Learn the ins and outs of packet analysis, flow record analysis, wireless forensics, intrusion detection and analysis, covert tunneling, malware network behavior– all packed into a dense 4 days with intensive hands-on technical labs.
  • Cellular network forensics is here! Don’t miss our cutting edge workshop, “Do-It-Yourself Cellular IDS,” during the Black Hat Briefings.
  • LMG is releasing a brand-new Network Forensics Workstation exclusively for students of “Network Forensics: Black Hat Release.” It includes all of the tools you need to solve every case study in the class, plus extra goodies. You can install this customized ISO to a virtual machine, or right on a hard drive.
  • We’ve got another AWESOME puzzle contest lined up for DEFCON, which will be publicly released online at the Network Forensics Puzzle Contest web site afterwards. Keep your eyes peeled for all the new packet captures!

See you in Vegas!

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