1. Is it worth submitting a solution that uses a MANUAL search of the PCAP file with Wireshark? Or do we have to automate the process?

  2. Tim — Yes, definitely! We encourage people to submit all kinds of solutions, and we publish the names of everyone who gets the correct answer, regardless of how you achieved it. If you’re competing for the prize, you will need to create an automated solution of some kind. That said, we love reading well-thought-out writeups of manual analysis, and we encourage you to post your methods on your blogs (after the deadline, of course).

    There is a lot to be learned from manual analysis.

  3. You’ve ruined my plan to use the time between your contests to work on this year’s Underhanded C contest! I was counting on at least a month between contests! You spoil us!

  4. Sherri, how about the prizes??? 🙂

    SANS conference tickets?

  5. Any idea yet about the prize?

  6. Hi guys,

    The most important part! We’ll be announcing the prize early next week 🙂


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