AlienPeaceSignIf you grabbed a contest disc to play after DEFCON, here are the passwords you’ll need to mount the TrueCrypt volume for each round.

Round 1: WhcFDjEQm9

Round 2: 4TWSDjtAeb

Round 3: jHfk4ykZBC

Round 4: 86BNnSn7Jp

Round 5: djawp7Tw6W

Round 6: hcdLwUKPTC

Round 7: zxEjEhCsVP

If you’re stuck, click on the jump to see a hint for each round.

SPOILER ALERT! Below are the hints for rounds one through six that we released at DEFCON.

Round 1: Don’t Rot your brain trying to figure it out!

Round 2: The padding will make you crazy!

Round 3: Listen for the blip. It’s an MP4 sandwich.

Round 4: 10 pictures are worth a single word!

Round 5: We will, we will ____  ____!

Round 6: Knock, knock. Who’s there? A TrueCrypt password!