Here are the answers to Puzzle #6: Ann’s Aurora. Thanks to everyone who played!

(Note: There were a lot of questions about rounding for questions 4, 5, 8 and 10. Due to the confusion, we accepted both mathematically correct rounding and answers that were simply truncated to the nearest tenth.)

Answer 1:
Answer 2: vEI
Answer 3a: index.phpmfKSxSANkeTeNrah.gif
Answer 3b: df3e567d6f16d040326c7a0ea29a4f41
Answer 4: 1.3 seconds (will also accept 1.2)
Answer 5: 87.6 seconds (will also accept 87.5)
Answer 6a: Windows executable
Answer 6b: b062cb8344cd3e296d8868fbef289c7c
Answer 7a: Every third packet
Answer 7b: Every packet
Answer 7c: Every 10-15 seconds
Answer 8: 123.7 (will also accept 123.6)
Answer 9: b062cb8344cd3e296d8868fbef289c7c
Answer 10: 198.4