1. This was the first time i submitted my solution to the contest, even if i played the previews ones just for the purpose of having fun and learn new stuff.

    I’m really happy that my solution is appearing in the list of semifinalists.

    I’ll do my best to improve my skill and knowledge for the future contests.

    i was following the conference yesterday evening (last night GMT) and i hope there will be a way to attend contest 7 also for those who won’t be able to be live at defcon to grap a DVD with the packet capture 🙂

  2. Just curious!
    Has anyone been able to reconstruct Ann’s meterpreter commands sequence ?

  3. I don’t think that the post exploitation activity was included in the pcap file, and as far as i know the meterpreter was using an SSL connection so i don’t think it was possible to determine the commands by analyzing the pcap file

  4. I worked on this after the deadline to submit – great to see all these new tools emerge from a contest like this. I managed correct answers on everything except for the questions that involved carving and hashing, so it’s back to the drawing board to come up with the right solutions – thanks for these challenges, they’re really fun to work on!

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