Gearing Up for DEFCON 19!

We are totally psyched for DEFCON 19! The Network Forensics Puzzle Contest (NFPC) will be running in the contest area. Watch our DEFCON forum for updates this week. Prizes include a Verizon 3g Network Extender and $150 ThinkGeek gift certificate (many thanks to ThinkGeek for sponsoring that prize).

To whet your appetite even more, check out the hot new graphic on the DEFCON 19 NFPC CD, designed by Mr. Scott Fretheim:

Players can pick up their CDs at the contest booth starting Thursday @ 10:00 AM. The contest will officially start on Friday. (Of course, we’ll post the contest materials online afterwards, too, so everyone can check out the latest challenge, just for fun.



  1. Hey, where can we post responses to the dc19 challenges?


  2. sherri

    August 6, 2011 at 12:07 am

    Text your answers to the # posted at the contest booth… We will also be placing the contest, answers and winners online afterwards.

  3. Thanks… I’ll swing by this morning to get that.

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